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Welcome to Le Jardin Sensuelle….

Close your eyes with me a minute and imagine a secret garden. One whose hidden gate is very difficult to find, but whose contents astound your mind with what you’ve discovered.


An incredible garden that opens in front of you with a rush of sights and sounds that intoxicate your senses with the incredible attention to detail someone has spent to create this hidden treasure. A path lays before your feet and you can clearly see that very few have walked along this path.

Reminded of your youth, you feel the delight and excitement rise within you as you survey the opulence of the garden on either side of this path and as the gate closes behind you, you choose to explore this new adventure down the path wherever it may lead.

Now open your eyes and allow me to share with you that this Garden is no dream, but a reality created especially for only the very few cultured enough to grasp the true beauty possessed in those things most singularly rare.

The Gate is well hidden and very few will have it’s location revealed. Come with me and let me give you the Key. Slip inside our Garden and discover what delicious adventures lay along our paths.